Well that was nice….

Hey Metal heads HBF HQ reporting in.

That was a bit crackers….

Two outstanding gigs within a fortnight of each other…. yes, it has taken a month to recover.

Firstly a new adventure for us. We’ve never done a festival before and the Rock and Bike Fest stole our innocence. Hells teeth it was out right madness and one of the most memorable experiences we’ve ever had. 95% of the time was spent pottering around, being sociable and generally having a sweet time of it and 5% sheer headless chicken flapping bats shit panic.

But by the metal gods it was a fantastic show that we enjoyed very much. To everyone who helped and made us feel welcome on that day we thank you but especially the huge crowd that was there. Many hundreds singing another thing coming….pure magic.

And just to prove it here’s some vid..

Secondly, a favourite haunt of ours, the Greyhound at Beeston. It is always, without fail, a special night there. The staff and crowd are always the best you could hope for. We had a ball.

We’re beginning to feel a bit guilty about all the fun we have doing this.


May be not that guilty….

Next stop, another quality venue, the Arches in Coventry.


See ya there.



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