Polish Club Barnsley…..Can we come back please?

I was going to ramble on about the gig at the Polish club in Barnsley but the words my colleague wrote on Facebook all that is required. Read on and RHRF….

1st March 2014

The Polish Club, Barnsley

…er………ahem……….well…….OH MY GOD!!!!!!!………….you know that feeling (you may or may not) that you get, you’ve been told about a venue/place and you book a gig there not really knowing what it’s actually going to be like, ‘cos even tho’ there are some pics on Facebook, you don’t really see that much apart from the stage so you’re a bit nervous before you get there?…..well, that was us last night at The Polish Club in Barnsley. so we turn up and the first guy that speaks to us (Jeff) is a true gent, couldn’t do enough for us, we go through to the venue/playing part and it’s like ‘shit on me, this is FANTASTIC’……what a set up!!!
Then we meet Marcus, the guy running the desk and lights….UNBELIEVABLE……..what an absolute genius and top gent as well…..amazing sound, amazing lights and then an amazing crowd, moshing, dancing, cheering, shouting, heckling for more Priest songs (we LOVE that!!!)…….just awesome, you were all AWESOME……a total credit to the club, Barnsley South Yorkshire and England….we can’t praise you enough, suffice to say we’ll be back there later in the year and we can’t wait. everyone there that came up and spoke to us afterwards, thank you so much for your kind words, it was very humbling, it’s for people like you that we do this Defending The Faith of the Metal Gods…..bands out there, if you’ve not played the Polish Club, you are missing a treat, get in there……THANK YOU ONE AND ALL…..pics will invariably follow later, or if you took some, share them with our page or tag us in them and SPREAD THE WORD…….p.s. sorry for the length of this update, but words really don’t do enough justice, they really don’t…Thanks again…….Defend The Faith!!!

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    • Andy on March 17, 2014 at 10:31
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    you still want a shoot with the Harley fellas,, you guy’s went well with the venue,,you took me back to being 18,,, that was a while ago,, i cant get my head around reaching 23,,

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