Leathers, studs, make up and instruments….we must be a band now.

The gig at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield was nothing short of amazing. Three new songs debuted that seemed to be well received and a liberal amount of polishing of the standards. Finally….and I mean FINALLY, HBF looks the way it should do. Leather, studs, guitar swinging, action on stage….. damn, I’m so proud I could moon walk to Penzance. Still work to do but it’s always nice to know that the band is progressing and becoming better with each passing show.

As always a big thank you to all that came out to see us. We appreciate your support and it gives us the boost we need to keep doing what we do. Having a crowd singing away to breaking the law or banging their heads to Painkiller is exactly the medicine we need!

And finally…………… you can’t have a post Snooty Fox gig news update without mentioning Malc and staff. These guys make gig day F%*&ing awesome and do so much for the local live music scene that we are forever in their debt. Hug ’em, bless ’em, Sqeeze ’em….

Right, where next???

Did someone say the Railway at Bolton?

Righto, see ya there Priestlings.

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First gig of 2012 and all is well.

Wow….. Gasworks at Bradford. What an amazing start to the year for HBF. A massive thanks to Max for having us and being a magnificent host, Si for doing an epic job on the sound board and putting up with our humour…..which at best can be described as mildly disturbing and all the staff who were friendly and super helpful. Finally to the people who turned out to support us, thank you. To see people rocking out to what we do is the reason we carry on. Many thanks to you all…. it was a night we will remember for a long, long time!

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How much did I write???

As you may have noticed this “news” starts at the beginning of 2012. Even though there is another three years worth of news this is a new site and I can’t really see the point of transferring over our historical ramblings.


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