Jingle Bells…

Just a quick update to wish all our fans, followers, venues and WAGS  a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hellbent Forever.


Before you go ploughing through the Turkey, swimming in the sherry trifle and just generally embarrassing yourself in a hedonistic rampage remember we have two gigs in January. Pissed or not we would love you guys to be there.

Take care all and have a most excellent Crimbo.



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It’s been a while….

Hello all,

As the title says it’s been a while since our last update. Well we’ve been on bit of a roller coaster over the past few months but we think we’ve come to the end of a series of matters that needed attending to. Some good, some not so good but hopefully (fingers crossed) we can get some serious gigging done over 2014 and spread the Priest love.

So what happened I hear you ask?

Mainly these…..

1. Our drummer gave birth….well not him as such, his partner did…. So that was a good and happy time even if they do look a lot more tired then they used to… Anyhoo, a very belated congratz from the band.

2. The spine of singer decided it was going to be a bastard and stop working. This, as you can probably imagine, left him pretty much crippled…. it was getting to a point where we were contemplating chroming up a wheelchair and rolling him onto stage. Luckily for him and us that never happened. After a slightly slow start out of the blocks the NHS prodded, poked and caressed him back to health.

Thank crap for that…

Apart from that it’s been the usual life testers…

End of whining … here’s some cool stuff…

We have a new web site (you’ve probably noticed that already), we have had some blinding gigs at the Rigger, The Greyhound and the Trades, we’ve met some very cool people, 2014 is shaping up well gig wise and we have some potentially very cool things in the pipe line…..Generally we are a very, very happy band…..

Playing recently in our home town.

Playing recently in our home town. Good venue, awesome show and very very good crowd.

Prophecy trades

Same show with our very own Nostradamus.


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Are you drunk, I’m not blind…hic

Well that’s been a bit of a bonkers few months. As some of you will know we’ve been all over the place playing gigs and making some very good friends. And we have wholeheartedly enjoyed ourselves. It’s been fantastic and we’re looking forward to what the rest of the year has for us.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention (naughty, naughty hehehe)
here’s a run down of some of the places we’ve been to and by crikey they were all corkers. Fantastic places with fantsatic staff and fantastic audiences. Oh there has been some singing!

Trades club – Rotherham
Tackeroo – Hednesford
Rigger – Newcastle under Lyme
Greyhound – Beeston

Sadly the gig at Vics Bikers bar – Coalville had to be postponed. That damned snow blocking roads and generally screwing things up…..yes that pissed us off but we will be playing there in the near future so watch this space for details when we get them.

Anyway, we have a couple of months off before we get back to it, our drummer has been busy making a mini drummer and a new arrival is due soon (Good luck D and S, we’re rooting for ya!) but when the dust has settled we’ll be at the Kaff in Wigan on the 6th of July.

Hope to see ya there!

Rock Hard, Ride Free


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The Trades??? Say what now….

It’s been a while since our last update, hmmm quite a while in fact but that doesn’t
mean we’ve been resting on our laurels, by jingo certainly not……..

Firstly we had a stonking night at the Gasworks. Thanks to all that came to see us, especially our air guitar thrashing stage invaders. What can I say? To be honest you made our night!

Secondly, we’ve been practicising hard for our return to The Greyhound in Beeston. We are soooooooooooo looking forward to this…. also we have the Tarts on Tour venturing further afield and coming down too. The night is going to be a corker of epic proportions.

Get your backsides down there…You will not regret it!!!!

And third…. a new date has been added…. and a surprising one too. Surprising in the fact that it’s a home town gig. As the live music scene here has flatlined we had resigned ourselves to never playing in our home town again, but there is life in the Old dog yet……………………….. apparently.

So it is with very great pleasure we announce our involvement with………..

C’mon people, support live music. You’ll miss it when it’s not around anymore.

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Hot Rockin’

Another rocking night in Wakefield at the Snooty Fox. Thanks to all who came out and supported us. Without you lot we’d be…well….playing to an empty room. HA! 🙂 An excellent night with a good crowd and good tunes, marred only by the fact that one of the guitarists amps gave up, rolled over and played dead just as Painkiller fired up….and to be fair the band carried it off well but the song does sound odd with no solo guitars….damn valve amps and your unreliable technology why do we love you so?

Anyway, onwards people. Gasworks in Bradford, 30th November, hope to see ya all there.

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Brace yourselves Wakefield!

The boys are getting ready for the Snooty show. C’mon. Looking forward to it big time.

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You’re going to need a bigger boat……….

Well, as predicted the birthday bash at the Riverside was a truely epic but bonkers night. And when I say bonkers I mean things like the “Birthday Boy” hijacking the bass and putting some bass rumble down half way through “Another thing Comin’ and then evicting the drummer from his throne to lay down a riverside style groove. Excellent night with some excellent bands and we hope to get back there soon.

In the mean time, HBF is having a little gigging break over the holiday season. Look out for us in your area in the near future and keep checking our pages for updates. We will be out there treading the boards again very soon. And we’ll have a boat load of new tunes to play, lots more leather, lots more studs, bigger show and hopefully some things that go “bang!!!” or “poooofffpppp” or even “Wheeeee fa-dumph”…..not sure what that means but anyway, Rock hard, ride free and we’ll see ya out there.

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I appear to be rigid with excitement…..

The Greyhound at Beeston……. wow, just WOW!

Gigs like this remind us why we do this. Every one of the band walked off with a big beaming grin on their face. Fantastic venue, fabulous audience and brilliant staff made this a night to remember. We sincerely hope that it isn’t too long before we go back… and yes, on behalf of the band I solemnly promise that we will play Exciter next time…not sure about Leather Rebel though. hehehe!

Greyhound at Beeston, you rocked our nuts off. Cya soon!

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Another notch in the bedpost.

The Riverside in Selby. Thank you very much again. Awesome night where a few new songs were debuted. Sinner went particularly well which was a huge relief (stupid odd counts and changes make a seemingly simple song not so simple) anyway, a big thank you to two very, very good support acts “Memorium” and “The Chasing Dark”(if ya get chance check these guys out, well worth the effort), the Tarts on Tour, everyone who came to watch and finally Ian and all the staff. It was a corker, we enjoyed it hope to return soon.

Righto, another venue first in two weeks time, the Greyhound at Beeston.

See ya all there.

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Aye Son, go oop North and the turn left at the first brown whippet you see….

Our first time to the Railway at Bolton and hopefully not our last. Why? Because it’s a really cool venue. Friendly staff, good stage and enthusiastic audience. We played a show we were all happy with lots of singing, lots of audience participation and lots of getting down with the Priest style heavy metal we delivered. Awesome. Well had a fantastic day. Thanks to all involved but especially to our hosts Jon and Hilary ….

Righto, HBF is having a short gigging break but we are back treading the boards again in mid June at the Riverside in Selby…. Hope to see you all there…

Rock hard, ride free.

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