Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods Batman the Greyhound needs help!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This fine establishment The Greyhound in Beeston, for reasons that are too lenghty to mention, is in danger of being closed. The Greyhound has been a hub for bands and performers for many years and its rich history and contribution to live music is immeasurable. As we understand, after a short closure, it has been given a small reprieve to prove itself as a viable live music venue. Hellbent Forever is all too ready to lend a hand to help this fantastic venue prove its worth and is honoured to be the first band picked to play.

We hope The Greyhound finds the support it wholly deserves and bands will get the chance to play there for many years to come.

Do not let live music die
Do not let live music venues die
Do not let the Greyhound die.

The fightback starts this Saturday 23/1/2016.

Join us and show the world people want live music

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We’re sexy and we know it bitches!

Well, well, well….look what dropped on the HbF HQs floor today….

T-shirts fucking everywhere

T-shirts fucking everywhere

Yep, we have some merch…. after eight years of people asking for T-shirts we decided to get some. Timing was never our strong point as the mid section of Sinner will testify but better late than never I suppose…

So you want it?

You do… awesome.

Mail us from our “contact” page or message us on Facebook……or pick one up from one of our shows which incidentally start on the 30th of this month at Whittles in Oldham.

See ya out there.

RHRF & Defend the Faith \m/\m/

A final note…something seems to be amiss with some of our pictures not showing up. We’re not sure whats happening and why but we have sent our trained internet monkeys into the void to try and find us a solution. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

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The End……but not really

Metal guys and gals,

Last Saturday (12/12/15) Hellbent played a show at the trades club in Rotherham and it was utterly fantastic. The venue, the people, the atmosphere was just simply awesome. This show also marked the end of Hellbents gigs for 2015…

Trades 12/12/15


What a year…2015 has seen Hellbent go from strength to strength. We’ve traveled further and to more venues than ever before. Met amazing people. Played mind blowing venues to audiences who were with us every step of the way of the Judas Priest experience. Had some glorious inter band arguments. Had band vehicles thinking “fuck this” and falling apart on the roadside. Played our first festival. Worked with KK Downing (yes, you read that right) and Metal for Men….oh and one flood.

But, ya know what…

The Hellbent boys have had the best year so far and intend to make 2016 even better.

So to all the venues and staff who have made us feel welcome, to all the W.A.Gs who put up with our prima donna bullshit and finally to the fans who come to see us and travel many miles to support what we do Hellbent Forever would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to make 2015 so memorable.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Oh and 2016, we’ve got you in our sights to kick your butt all over the place.

See you all when HbF rolls into your town

\m/ Defend the Faith \m/


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Well that was nice….

Hey Metal heads HBF HQ reporting in.

That was a bit crackers….

Two outstanding gigs within a fortnight of each other…. yes, it has taken a month to recover.

Firstly a new adventure for us. We’ve never done a festival before and the Rock and Bike Fest stole our innocence. Hells teeth it was out right madness and one of the most memorable experiences we’ve ever had. 95% of the time was spent pottering around, being sociable and generally having a sweet time of it and 5% sheer headless chicken flapping bats shit panic.

But by the metal gods it was a fantastic show that we enjoyed very much. To everyone who helped and made us feel welcome on that day we thank you but especially the huge crowd that was there. Many hundreds singing another thing coming….pure magic.

And just to prove it here’s some vid..

Secondly, a favourite haunt of ours, the Greyhound at Beeston. It is always, without fail, a special night there. The staff and crowd are always the best you could hope for. We had a ball.

We’re beginning to feel a bit guilty about all the fun we have doing this.


May be not that guilty….

Next stop, another quality venue, the Arches in Coventry.


See ya there.



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Brace yourself Hellbent are off to do their first festival….

Hello all,

Our apologies for being a bit quiet here on the website. We’ve been up to the golden nuggets with buying new equipment, rehearsal spaces flooding, vans gearboxes exploding and so on.. But its all good now. We’ve had a cup of tea and a lie down in a darkened room and the world is better place again….

And by better we mean terrifying and exciting.


Hellbent are off to do their first festival appearance at the Rock and Bike fest…..


Oh bugger… better pull our crap together and get down there!

Ha! See you there metalheads


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Heading out to the highway for some big city nights.

About says it all really

About says it all really

Hello all,

A quick update for all you defenders of the faith out there.

Firstly, all of us here at Hellbent HQ are giddy as a giddy thing that 9th March 2015, a newly expanded 3CD version of Judas Priest’s platinum-certified 1984 album ‘Defenders of the Faith’ will be unleashed…

Yes, we have it pre-ordered like months and months ago.

Check it out the JP release blurb here and then go and buy here

Secondly, a super huge thank you to the Arches in Coventry and all who came out to rock along and sing with us. A spectacular night with some ape shit bonkers shenanigans…Yeah, we’re looking at you nutters from the “Hen Pecked”. Rubber Chickens? I’ve never seen so many. See you again in August. You guys rule the roost….*cough, bad pun*

Arches selfie+

And Thirdly, and we like this one a lot….

A new gig has been added to our schedule for August and it’s a corker. Hellbent will be playing a new venue for us in Hull. The Trog Bar which looks a fantastic place to play but not only that, we’re going to be playing with the finest tribute to the Scorpions we have ever seen, The Scopyons.

Fuck Yeah! Roll on August.

So as you can seen we’re having a ball….

Until next time, RHRF DOTF

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White Heat, Red Hot…..oh yeah baby!

Hello Priestaphiles,

So as the mighty Judas Priest move onto their Australian leg of the Redeemer of Souls tour we thought it might be time to pop a little bit of news up about what Hellbent Forever have been doing.

2014 ended with a bang as Hellbent Forever played their final show of the year at a new venue for them, Diamond in Mansfield. To be honest, this experience did not start off too well. In fact dismal would be a good word to use. They had a vehicle breakdown so there was much flapping around as they crammed as much kit into the remaining vans and sorted out towing and the like. It goes without saying that they were late….. very late. However, after the quickest god damn load in, set up and sound check they managed to towel themselves down and went on to one play one of their most memorable nights. The Diamond is a fantastic venue and the crowd were amazing. We’re already booked back in and Hellbent Forever can’t wait to go back.

Big Ben rang 2015 in and Hellbent Forever were already in the starting blocks. The Greyhound was the next stop for the metal machine. Always a venue Hellbent Forever are happy to play, the Greyhound rocked hard as it always does and it’s always a pleasure to see old friends and make new ones. Hell yeah, roll on the next show there.

Just as the band were slapping themselves on the back for spreading the word of Judas Priest a little further the benevolent Metal Gods dropped a golden nugget into their laps. The Polish Club in Barnsley had a band unfortunately drop out on them and Hellbent were more than happy to rise to the challenge. Hellbent always enjoy playing the Polish Club, the staff and punters are some of the nicest and most accommodating people ever and in their honour the band did their utmost to blow the roof off (in the nicest possible way you understand). Yeah, it was fucking awesome. Thank you to The Polish for thinking of Hellbent. They appreciate it.

So whats next?

The Arches in Coventry.

Second time here and after the reception they received Hellbent Forever are more than anxious to get there and do the business.

Roll on the 27th Feb.

See you there Metalheads!


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The good, the bad and the smoking.

Hello you defenders of the faith. Time for a little update on Hellbent Forevers recent exploits.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, firstly we played a show at one of our favourite venues, the Greyhound in Beeston and it was an awesome day. Saw loads of friendly faces, the weather was great, a great turn out and the show was going fantastic… we were feeling it!…. We were in the zone….and then and an amp gave up the ghost and died in a puff of smoke.


Luckily (sort of) we only had to cut the set short by three songs and the guitarist only had to be treated for mild shock so it wasn’t a complete disaster…. not an ideal end to a set but could have been a lot worse. But, Hellbent Forever, showing an indomitable spirit are going back there to Greyhound in Beeston to settle the score on the 3rd of January 2015.


Secondly, two weeks after the the Greyhound in Beeston gig, Hellbent Forever went back to the
Polish Club, Barnsley for what can only be described as a night of Priest metal that bordered on musical decadence.


Because not only did the guitarists recently repaired amp worked but because we had one of the best audiences a band could ask for. We love the people at the Polish Club. Barnsley . Staff, patrons, the whole bloody lot of them.

From the bottom of our ponds Hellbent Forever would like to thank all the people who come to our gigs. It’s a pleasure to play for you all.


We’ve only gone and done it you know. Hellbent Forever are booked in to play there first festival…ever. Thank you Rock and Bike Fest

We are so stoked about this three of us wet ourselves on the spot and the other two went light headed and passed out.

And fourthly,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce this new website. It’s run by one of our guitarists who does all the costumes and very talented he is. Go and check it out Leather Rebel

And that’s it. Thanks for reading. See Hellbent Forever at our last show of the year at The Diamond, Mansfield

Band bow polish

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Coventry, Hellbent Forever thought you were fantastic.

So Hellbent Forever took a little trip to the Arches venue in Coventry and what a place! It’s a fantastic place to play and well worth the trip. The staff are Friendly and the audience were loud and enthusiastic. Just what the Hellbent Forever boys like.

We had a great time but in all honesty it wasn’t shaping up that way. Amps stopped working, cables broke and a multitude of other disasters happened which resulted in a scrappy sound check…which was most disconcerting… anyone who plays in a band will know this “sinking” feeling. But it came good and we had an outstanding time.

Here’s a little taster of what you missed if you weren’t there….


The Arches at Coventry you were fucking amazing and left the guys from Hellbent Forever smiling all the way home.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us we’ll be back in early 2015.


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Sometimes you’re the statue, sometimes you’re the pigeon.

So after our last slightly whining update lamenting the woes and tribulations of band life we at HBF HQ are happy to announce that we have replaced the Greyhound gig we missed with…..wait for it……2 gigs at the Greyhound (cheers Mr Balmer, you are a wonderful and beguiling man). The first is on the 8th November and the 2nd is the 3rd January 2015….. and we couldn’t think of a finer place to start 2015 gigging then the Greyhound .

So, you mad, mad Priest people get your backsides down to the Greyhound on Nov the 8th cos we have a lot of pent up gigging frustrations that we’re just wanting to take out on your ears!


’til then, RHRF

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