Holy Priceless Collection of Etruscan Snoods Batman the Greyhound needs help!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This fine establishment The Greyhound in Beeston, for reasons that are too lenghty to mention, is in danger of being closed. The Greyhound has been a hub for bands and performers for many years and its rich history and contribution to live music is immeasurable. As we understand, after a short closure, it has been given a small reprieve to prove itself as a viable live music venue. Hellbent Forever is all too ready to lend a hand to help this fantastic venue prove its worth and is honoured to be the first band picked to play.

We hope The Greyhound finds the support it wholly deserves and bands will get the chance to play there for many years to come.

Do not let live music die
Do not let live music venues die
Do not let the Greyhound die.

The fightback starts this Saturday 23/1/2016.

Join us and show the world people want live music

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