Heading out to the highway for some big city nights.

About says it all really

About says it all really

Hello all,

A quick update for all you defenders of the faith out there.

Firstly, all of us here at Hellbent HQ are giddy as a giddy thing that 9th March 2015, a newly expanded 3CD version of Judas Priest’s platinum-certified 1984 album ‘Defenders of the Faith’ will be unleashed…

Yes, we have it pre-ordered like months and months ago.

Check it out the JP release blurb here and then go and buy here

Secondly, a super huge thank you to the Arches in Coventry and all who came out to rock along and sing with us. A spectacular night with some ape shit bonkers shenanigans…Yeah, we’re looking at you nutters from the “Hen Pecked”. Rubber Chickens? I’ve never seen so many. See you again in August. You guys rule the roost….*cough, bad pun*

Arches selfie+

And Thirdly, and we like this one a lot….

A new gig has been added to our schedule for August and it’s a corker. Hellbent will be playing a new venue for us in Hull. The Trog Bar which looks a fantastic place to play but not only that, we’re going to be playing with the finest tribute to the Scorpions we have ever seen, The Scopyons.

Fuck Yeah! Roll on August.

So as you can seen we’re having a ball….

Until next time, RHRF DOTF

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