The good, the bad and the smoking.

Hello you defenders of the faith. Time for a little update on Hellbent Forevers recent exploits.

So, what have we been up to?

Well, firstly we played a show at one of our favourite venues, the Greyhound in Beeston and it was an awesome day. Saw loads of friendly faces, the weather was great, a great turn out and the show was going fantastic… we were feeling it!…. We were in the zone….and then and an amp gave up the ghost and died in a puff of smoke.


Luckily (sort of) we only had to cut the set short by three songs and the guitarist only had to be treated for mild shock so it wasn’t a complete disaster…. not an ideal end to a set but could have been a lot worse. But, Hellbent Forever, showing an indomitable spirit are going back there to Greyhound in Beeston to settle the score on the 3rd of January 2015.


Secondly, two weeks after the the Greyhound in Beeston gig, Hellbent Forever went back to the
Polish Club, Barnsley for what can only be described as a night of Priest metal that bordered on musical decadence.


Because not only did the guitarists recently repaired amp worked but because we had one of the best audiences a band could ask for. We love the people at the Polish Club. Barnsley . Staff, patrons, the whole bloody lot of them.

From the bottom of our ponds Hellbent Forever would like to thank all the people who come to our gigs. It’s a pleasure to play for you all.


We’ve only gone and done it you know. Hellbent Forever are booked in to play there first festival…ever. Thank you Rock and Bike Fest

We are so stoked about this three of us wet ourselves on the spot and the other two went light headed and passed out.

And fourthly,

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce this new website. It’s run by one of our guitarists who does all the costumes and very talented he is. Go and check it out Leather Rebel

And that’s it. Thanks for reading. See Hellbent Forever at our last show of the year at The Diamond, Mansfield

Band bow polish

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