Wilf 5 PieceA Priest/Halford fan through and through, Wilf is metal to the core. Born to be fronting a Priest band this guy stalks the stage like the renowned frontman himself. Never failing to deliver an explosive show. Whether it’s the over the top theatrics, numerous costume changes, screaming vocals or his cutting wit and banter he is the frontman of choice with some serious bang for the buck…

Interesting fact. Wilf has had a long running love/hate relationship with apricots and blacks out when confetti cannons are mentioned.

Juan 5 PieceThis guy lives and breathes Priest and especially KK Downing, when Juan gets up in the morning and stumbles in the bathroom scratching his nuts and looks into the mirror he sees KK…When he looks at the turin shroud, he doesn’t see the face of Christ, he sees KK, when he’s in the supermarket and sees and amusingly shaped turnip that bares a passing resemblence to Champion the wonderhorse he sees KK…Juan is more KK than KK is… and this sooo comes across on stage and in particular with his guitar playing. Watch this guy and you’re in for a squealling, dive bomb heavy, lead playing treat that screams KK with every note that he ejects out of his instrument.

Interesting Fact. He’s recently discovered he has a flare for dress making… hey go figure.

Drew 5 PieceAnd down in the engine room is the dude who keeps us all in order and powers the good ship Hell Bent Forever. Drew is a drummer from the prestige range with lashings of talent, oodles of skills and some rather classy leather upholstery thrown in for good measure. A wonder to behold when playing, he keeps us in time with atomic precision…

Interesting fact. Drew has a sausage roll for every occasion and is not scared to use it.

 D 5 PieceOn Bass duties, may I introduce the irreplaceable Mr D…or better known to his friends as Blunt Force Trauma….Versed in the mystical art of Bass-shui he subtly weaves the delicate tones and inflections of musical cadence into a finely crafted rolling thunder effect that punches you in the chest… and to be honest that’s how we like it. Never one to shy away from low frequencies he applies his well earned knowledge and fills out our sound like no other could and makes you feel the music.

Interesting fact… Mr D once found a red bull in his garden. He befriended it and they have been inseparable ever since.

 H 5 PieceErrr…. there is more about this dude… I think….. you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with this interesting fact… 🙂

Interesting fact. After cracking a very poor quality Man ‘o’ War joke, H has been linked with otters and their paraphernalia …. but nobody can remember why.


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