Band Bio

A little about us…

Hellbent Forever (HbF) was forged in the furnace for the final grand slam in late 2008 by five Priest fans who wanted to bring the flamboyant stage show and extraordinary musicianship of Judas Priest to the listening masses of the U.K.

Through relentless rehearsing and determination to be the best they have produced an evolving stage show and set list that tries to encompass over forty years of heavy metal history and the spirit of Judas Priest. Starting as nothing more than five guys in a rehearsal room bickering about what songs to put in the set (which incidentally still happens to this day) they have become one of the most talked about and praised tribute bands in the north of England.

Never wanting to be a band that becomes complacent they regularly evaluate their previous performances in a constant process of self improvement. This has resulted in a band that gets better and better with each show that passes.

They have the studs, the leather, the screaming dual guitars, the powerful vocals, a thunderous rhythm section and most importantly they have the desire to put on the best damn show they can. HbF is a pursuit of passion for these five musicians. It never has been, or ever will be about the money, the ego or the worship. This is about the love of live music and the love of the metal gods, Judas Priest.

Venues, promoters and fans have all witnessed the power and the enthusiasm of HbF and keep coming back for more. So if you haven’t ┬áseen them yet keep a space free in your diary for when they come to your town and deliver the goods of some Priest style heavy metal.

Rock hard, ride free.


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