We’re sexy and we know it bitches!

Well, well, well….look what dropped on the HbF HQs floor today….

T-shirts fucking everywhere

T-shirts fucking everywhere

Yep, we have some merch…. after eight years of people asking for T-shirts we decided to get some. Timing was never our strong point as the mid section of Sinner will testify but better late than never I suppose…

So you want it?

You do… awesome.

Mail us from our “contact” page or message us on Facebook……or pick one up from one of our shows which incidentally start on the 30th of this month at Whittles in Oldham.

See ya out there.

RHRF & Defend the Faith \m/\m/

A final note…something seems to be amiss with some of our pictures not showing up. We’re not sure whats happening and why but we have sent our trained internet monkeys into the void to try and find us a solution. Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

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