The End……but not really

Metal guys and gals,

Last Saturday (12/12/15) Hellbent played a show at the trades club in Rotherham and it was utterly fantastic. The venue, the people, the atmosphere was just simply awesome. This show also marked the end of Hellbents gigs for 2015…

Trades 12/12/15


What a year…2015 has seen Hellbent go from strength to strength. We’ve traveled further and to more venues than ever before. Met amazing people. Played mind blowing venues to audiences who were with us every step of the way of the Judas Priest experience. Had some glorious inter band arguments. Had band vehicles thinking “fuck this” and falling apart on the roadside. Played our first festival. Worked with KK Downing (yes, you read that right) and Metal for Men….oh and one flood.

But, ya know what…

The Hellbent boys have had the best year so far and intend to make 2016 even better.

So to all the venues and staff who have made us feel welcome, to all the W.A.Gs who put up with our prima donna bullshit and finally to the fans who come to see us and travel many miles to support what we do Hellbent Forever would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to make 2015 so memorable.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Oh and 2016, we’ve got you in our sights to kick your butt all over the place.

See you all when HbF rolls into your town

\m/ Defend the Faith \m/


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